Hayley’s Favorite Things 2018!!!!

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Okay okay, I know I’m no Oprah (although one of my long term goals is to be able to give away cars), BUT it is Christmas time. And that means you’re all about to start shopping. And I have been lucky enough to meet some of the most badass business owners out there over the past few years, and if I were YOU, I would want to buy these gifts. In fact, I HAVE bought most of these products as gifts already! Ha! SO, trust me… you need to know these people, and at least follow them on instagram.

((Also fair warning, this post is full of sass. It’s the middle of christmas season, and sleep has been limited but I set a goal of writing a post by the end of the year and well… times runnin’ out mmmkkayyy))

((In no particular order….))

1. SheMugs

Do you like being sassy? Yes.

Do you like cussing? Yes.

Do you like coffee.. or tea… or freakin water!??! Yes!

So then, you need one of these f*kin girl power mugs. OKAY!










I mean really, If you can’t find a mug there for your BFF, edgy as hell mother in law, or yourself… then we can’t be friends.

Now that we have your morning beverage taken care of… when you’re ready to get LIT you need to check out….

2. Lit Can Coolers

I mean, You prissy b*tches can drink the crap out of your michelob ultra in these sweet as hell koozies. WHO DOESN’T LOVE A GOOD KOOZIE!!!! plus, they are inexpensive, which means you can buy a bunch and look like your gift is huge!  I guarantee you haven’t bought your BFF of 10 years a koozie before. so.. you are welcome. Also might I add, as a sister of only brothers, BOYS ARE HARD TO SHOP FOR! So these koozies would be perfect for a dude.









And if you’re living that sober life, she even has koozies for freakin’ water bottles!!! BAM! no excuses now.

Now… Everyone likes to look stylish while living their best life. And in honor of me piercing my ears this year at the ripe age of 28, I present to you…

3. Something Diane Made

These earrings are FREAKIN’ CUTE! Have you discovered that my favorite word of all time is freakin’? Sorry. BUT THEY ARE! She hand makes these bad boys! They are the cutest leather earrings, they go with anything, and I can vouch, I bought 40 pairs, 1 for every girl at the bakery.









She has over 200 different earrings, so if you cant find something to give on her site… the problem is you… lolololol. love ya

On that sassy note… may I introduce you to

4. The Sassy Pickle

With a name like that, her sh*ts gotta be great. and it is. One of my favorite shirts of all times comes from her. Plus she is in my town ATX y’all!!









I actually own this shirt. Be like me. Buy this shirt. Do you even like dogs if you don’t?

Now, while you’re at home hanging with your dog, you need some stuff that smells good. Oh wait, I already forgot we are shopping for gifts not ourselves. ummm.. while your FRIEND is at home with THEIR dog, they need something to take the dog smell away…

5. Rustic Charm Candles

These wax melts smell so good you will want to eat them. but don’t. Or do, whatever floats your boat.









I mean, the name cactus berries alone, makes me want this. Plus I just saw that she has something called “Cowboy concentrate” as a scent so… i’ll be ordering that to bury my nose in. lololol… sorry husband.

Now.. I feel like this next one, really targets your inner badass. Which just admit it, you all have one, and know one.

6. Cheek and pen paper co

I mean, who hasn’t wanted to throw middle finger confetti everywhere? I for one.. have.









If anything, you better follower her ^ on instagram, because that stuff is fun AF.

Now, put those fingers away, and check out this chick who makes some AWESOME wooden wall art with her fingers!

7. Hemlock and heather

These wooden “signs” for lack of a better word, are SO AWESOME. I feel like dads can be really hard to shop for, but my dad for one, would LOVE this!!! shoot, I want one for myself! The way they work in that chevron of color is just freakin cool.









Since I have no knowledge of power tools, I will leave it to this beautiful couple.. otherwise I would be trying to craft these sweet things.

Speaking of sweet things..

8. Grateful Bags

If you like monograms… and let’s face it, who doesn’t… these bags are for you. They make the CUTEST bridesmaids gifts! Clutches… full size bags… it’s all adorable.









She can put your monogram on ANY bag in her shop!! Now that is awesome. To say she has an awesome product is one thing, but if you want to talk about supporting someone who is genuinely kind, hard working, and just someone you want to be friends with.. this is her.

Now… on my personal list for this year which I’m pretty sure my brother is getting me… ahem…

9. purposeful planner by Corie Clark

You have problems getting your life together?! same. Let this woman get your life together for you. Or help your friend get their life right.









She has stuff ranging from the traditional paper planner, to desk pads.. TO DIGITAL PLANNERS! There is no excuse to be a walking mess mmkkayyyyy. You can even track your water intake you dehydrated girl you.

So if all of this sassitude hasn’t pissed you off yet… I wouldn’t be doing my business any favors if I didn’t tell you AGAIN about our awesome new website…

10. hayleycakesandcookies.com

Obviously.. you are here already so.. I won’t link that one. Because y’all aren’t dumb. But you can literally ship our sassy, adorable cookies ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!  How fun would that be to open up a big box of cookies at your door!









^I inserted this selfie so you know who you are supporting when you buy from us.


Okay but in all seriousness… none of this is an “ad”. None of these shops even know I am writing this. haha!! I genuinely fell in love with these businesses this year, and the people behind them. I hope this helps in your gift shopping, because I think you can find something for ANYONE on your list at these shops!

Thank you guys for making this year one for the books!! Love you!!

-Hayley Frances