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Sweet Talk Cookies Cookbook

Hey Y’all! I wrote a book!

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Since the time I started making cookies, you guys have been the reason I LOVE doing what I do, creating new designs, fun colors, and something to make you giggle.

So I thought how FUN would it be to design this AWESOME, one of a kind cookbook to guide YOU through decorating cookies just like you have watched me do for all these years! I also share recipes for the perfect cookie dough and decorating icing, you will be an expert in no time! And best of all there is a special writing work shop where I walk you through the basics of learning to write on cookies! I know you will love this book, and the simple step by step guide on how to decorate over 40 unique cookie designs, for beginners and experts alike!

Love you guys, and I can’t wait to see what YOU create! To purchase check out the links below to your favorite book store.

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